Residential Lighting Fixtures

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Shopping for lighting for your home? You’ve come to the right place! Here at Barnlight Originals we have all types of residential lighting fixtures to meet your needs.


Choosing the right residential lighting for your home is an important decision. Some lighting fixtures give off more of a glow to create a calming mood in a room, while others illuminate every corner of a space to aid the tasks being done in that particular place.

Picking the wrong fixture leads to poor lighting, causing a room to either look washed-out or barely visible, when just the opposite outcome was intended. Be sure to explore all of our options, so you can make the best lighting decision for your home.  Let our residential lighting fixtures enhance your home’s carefully crafted style instead of detracting from it.



Named after the gooseneck-style arm attached to the head of the fixture, gooseneck lights illuminate defined areas. These lights are reminiscent of nineteenth-century barns and instantly add a dose of charm and personality to your space of choice. These lights are perfect for both indoor and outdoor residential lighting.


Wall Lights

Wall-mounted fixtures, also referred to as sconces, are used to create a desired ambience and décor in a room. Because these lights tend to provide dimmer illumination compared to other types of fixtures, most people install groups of them in hallways and other spaces requiring less detailed visibility. Many sconces work well as residential outdoor lighting fixtures as well.


Ceiling Lights

The opposite of a wall light, these fixtures are attached to ceilings and generally grace a space with more illumination than sconces are able to provide. We have several different types of ceiling lights you can choose from: barn lightssurface mount lightscopper and brass lights,  rustic lightsvintage lightsurban lightsschoolhouse lights, and quick ship pendant lights.  Take a look at these choices and choose the style that best suits your room’s interior design.



When multiple light bulbs come together to create one larger, grander piece, a chandelier is made. It used to be that chandeliers were reserved for grand entry halls or special dining spaces, but now these fixtures are commonly used in any room. View our chandelier collection to see if one of our styles meets your needs.