Warehouse Lighting

We are pleased to offer a broad selection of warehouse lighting. Take a look at the many choices we offer by perusing through the images below.

The Authentic Warehouse Shade 


Warehouse Light Fixtures


The Authentic Warehouse Shade boasts a classic, tastefully-simple and flexible design allowing it to suit a variety of settings, including the invaluable versatility of being usable in and out of doors. 



The Omaha Warehouse Shade


Warehouse Lighting

The Omaha Warehouse Light offers a charming look, which calls to mind the antique lighting profile made popular by early 19th-century commercial lighting fixtures built using strong materials such as steel and copper. 



The Derby Warehouse Shade


Warehouse Lights


The Derby Warehouse Shade evokes a graceful industrial quality with a timeless design born more than a century ago.  


Other Warehouse Light Fixtures


Barnlight Originals Warehouse LightBarn Light ShadeIndustrial Pendant Lighting FixturePendant Industrial Light Pendant Rustic Lighting Fixture


Hartford Vintage Pendant           Mini Derby                Whirlywind              Wired             Cosmo Deep Bowl         



Wondering why we use the word “warehouse” to describe so

many of our lights?


While at first, hearing that we sell warehouse lights sounds as though we only sell our products to large commercial spaces or public utility places, we actually sell most of our lights to the everyday consumer. When we speak of warehouse lights , we are actually referring to a style of lighting rather than to lights that are only to be used in massive locations such as factories, warehouses, industrial zones, hospitals, shopping centers, colleges, universities, parking structures and  sports arenas. 

So just what is warehouse-styled lighting? In order to explain, we’re going to need to go back in time a century or two or three because the warehouse style can be traced back to the industrial revolution…

Industrial Revolution

Once upon a time, warehouse design was not so much of a style, but more of a way of life. Major technological advancement such as steam power, the railroad and gas lighting led to workers moving from the fields to factories and warehouse in droves. Green pastures became a thing of the past as brick and mortar became a thing of the present: walls ceaselessly sprung up and crowded cities only continued to become more and more populated as country people sought new life and work in the cities. The number of millhouses, warehouses and factories exploded. Back in this utilitarian age, warehouse and industrial design meant crafting items almost entirely for function over fashion.


Today we live a different story, however. Interior designers as of late have started to glean inspiration from those hard times. What was once gritty and functional has become a sought-after look for homes and commercial spaces due to the chic yet unpretentious interior style that has begun to resurface from that era. Consequently, industrial warehouse lighting received a reawakening as stripped architecture and restored-looking objects came into the view of interior designers, homeowners and business people.


Residential Warehouse Lighting


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