The Firefly Cord-Hung Ceiling Light

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              Animate your ceilings with a cluster of Fireflies! Firefly ceiling lights, that is! Don’t let their simple design fool you, these ceiling lights can elevate a rooms décor and make it go from cheap to chic in no time! Just imagine what a cluster of Fireflies can do for your already-chic loft! Remember too choose your cord's color as well as length.  Also, since you like this light so much, be sure to check out The Firefly Stem Mount Ceiling Light, which has a more industrial appeal.

              Additional Information

              • Mounting: Black, White, Gray, Red/White Cloth, Black/White Cloth, and Black Cloth Cord.  
              • Ceiling Canopy Diameter: 5 ¼”
              • Max Wattage Per Socket:
              • 100 Watt Incandescent with Standard Medium Base Socket.
              • Number of Sockets: 1
              • Application: UL/ETL listed for dry locations.
              • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
              • No Returns Accepted on This Product.
              • LED, HID, and Metal Halide options also available. Please call for more info.


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              • UL Listed
              • Dry Rating
              • Energy Efficient
              • Made in the USA
              • Made to Order
              • No Return


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