Copper Lighting

Copper Barn Lights | Which Finish is for Me?

If you haven’t fallen in love with copper barn lights yet, then you haven’t seen our selection of barn lights! These .beauties come in various sizes and styles, including goosenecks, pendants, wall lights and more. The best part about ordering from Barlight Originals is that each one of our products is completely customizable to suit your interior and exterior design needs.

Copper & Brass Goosenecks

copper gooseneck barn lights

Copper & Brass Pendants

copper barn lights pendant

Copper & Brass Wall Lights

copper wall lights

As you take a good look at the pictures, you’ll notice lots of things. For one, not all of our copper lights have the same finish. In keeping with our desire to provide you with great options, we at Barnlight Originals offer four different types of copper. Depending on which one you choose, you can give your shade an entirely different appearance. In case you’re wondering, all of these are made out of actual copper. The only difference between each variation is the final look that is achieved through unique processes. So what are the different copper types we offer? Great question! Here they are: 24-Satin Copper, 44-Polished Copper, 48-Raw Copper, & 49-Weathered Copper. If you'd rather invest in a copper alternative that is more affordable than the actual metal, we also offer the 113-Metallic Copper color coat instead.

So, let’s talk about the differences between these 4 Copper choices.  

satin copper finish for barn lights

Our 24-Satin Copper has a silkier look, as its name suggests. When you look at it closely, you can see the thin, almost unnoticeable lines that reveal the hand-spinning movement of the careful craftsman.


Our 44-Polished Copper has our shiniest coat that is great for looking at your reflection. This finish is Dry Rated, meaning it can only be used for interior applications. 


48 Raw Copper barn light finish​48-Raw Copper is the most interesting. It doesn’t have a protective coat, allowing it to weather naturally. And when copper weathers naturally, its appearance transforms itself drastically.  Raw copper forms a natural protective layer called patina, which has a grayish/green look to it. This is great for outdoor, rustic settings like gardens or home exteriors! We should also note that you have to be careful when handling raw copper because your hands will leave unsightly fingerprints behind on the surface, which won't appear until days after you've already installed it!

49 weathered copper barn light finish​Finally, our 49-Weathered Copper is a customer favorite. This type has been treated to have a more rugged, dark and shadowy appearance that perfectly complements the ambience of rustic or vintage spaces. 

So there you have it, folks. You now know the difference between all of our copper varieties. Which one is your favorite?