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Black industrial light pendant by Barnlight OriginalsVintage industrial light fixture from Barnlight OriginalsShop industrial lighting fixtures from Barnlight Originals: these lights make any space look like the latest ad from an Architectural Digest magazine.Barnlight Originals offers the most innovative lighting designs in industrial lighting fixtures for home and commercial interiors.


Adding industrial elements into interior design schemes is a major trend right now. One of the easiest ways you can quickly add some industrial flare to a room is by mounting factory-inspired lighting fixtures.


Industrial lights (by Barnlight Originals)--the favorite focal point in any spaceDiscover amazing industrial style lighting designs at Barnlight Originals.So chic. Black & white industrial pendant lighting by Barnlight Originals.Minimalistic industrial lighting, filament bulbs--Shop this design now at


Industrial lighting has a unique characteristic of effortlessly falling into rhythm with a variety of décor styles. For example, industrial pendants can be added to farmhouse, contemporary, futuristic, or rustic styled kitchens without ever looking out of place.

Get "wired" with this industrial light found at out this wall light designed after classic car lights. Barnlight Originals offers the most innovative designs when it comes to industrial light fixtures.Industrial lighting fixtures work well in any space.industrial lighting fixtures for home or hip indie restaurant


So what makes an industrial lighting fixture industrial? The lighting design will hearken back to factories and warehouses of the Industrial Age. Each design usually exhibits a rugged, raw, rough, and exposed element about it. Such elements are found in patina or untreated metal finishes, vintage filament bulbs, visible wiring, and so forth.


Want to see more industrial lights? Take a look at style lighting is so in right now. Check out more lights like this one at more sconces, wall lights, and industrial pendant lighting at lights--industrial lighting made with the finest materials from Barnlight Originals.

Because Barnlight Originals offers a variety of lighting fixtures—from sconces to pendants—you can mount industrial light fixtures into any room: bathrooms, garages, bedrooms, home offices, kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, mudrooms, and the list goes on…


Love the lights in this kitchen! These industrial lighting fixtures come from Barnlight Originals. Discover more at

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What is industrial lighting?

Industrial Lighting is a term we use to refer to many of our shades with designs that have been inspired by vintage industrial lighting fixtures that were popular during the Industrial Age. Many of these shade and chandelier styles were found in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and various commercial locations. They were designed in a way so as to emit enough ambient lighting that would create a well-lit working environment for workers.    

Today, industrial style lighting has gone beyond its humble beginnings and has made its way to mainstream design in homes, restaurants, and just about anywhere lighting is found. Businesses love our industrial lights because we offer a nice selection of indoor and outdoor lights that are not only durable, but also incredibly en vogue.

Likewise, homeowners love the classic design of all of our industrial light fixtures because they add a dash of industrial-chic to their home design projects. Want to take another close look at these fixtures? Read on.

What are some examples of industrial lighting fixtures?

Angle Shade

Cute, classy industrial light for sign, art, and other spotlight lighting--for home or commercial use. | Barnlight Originals

These practical lights are great for restaurants and storefront lighting since they are set at an angle to illuminate signs and walls. Restaurants and retail stores find these types of lights particularly useful because they draw customers’ eyes to their business signs and window displays.  

But angle shades aren’t for commercial spaces only. In fact, many art lovers find industrial lighting fixtures to be great for illuminating art pieces, such as pictures, murals, or posters. Angle shades as well as goosenecks are definitely one of our most useful and popular industrial lights that our customers love and rave over.

Warehouse Shade Gooseneck

Industrial light fixtures from

Speaking of goosenecks, the Authentic Warehouse Shade gooseneck is also a customer favorite.  As its name suggests, this warehouse shade boasts a classic industrial lighting design that stems from warehouse lighting, of course. The gooseneck arm is especially useful in outdoor applications, as it graces garage doors, storefronts, and restaurant parameters all over the world. 

Industrial Chandelier

Industrial pendant lighting. Find more at

Our industrial chandeliers are another option for those looking for industrial lighting fixtures. With their eclectic design, these handsome chandeliers redefine what a chandelier should be. These are definitely stand-out pieces that are will make a statement in any room.

Among these industrial light fixtures we’ve mentioned, we also offer a grand selection of industrial pendant lighting that includes vintage industrial lighting. All of our industrial pendant light fixtures along with the rest of our lights are made-to-order, so customers get the freedom to choose all of their specifications ranging from finish to lamp source. For help on deciding which industrial lighting fixtures are best for you, give us a call at 855-350-1888, and we are always happy to help!