Rustic Barn Lights

Rustic Barn Lights for Rustic Settings

Many people prefer the rustic over the modern because they love the nostalgia and coziness that this vintage style so gracefully emits. Rustic kitchens and home interiors are particularly home-y and cozy.  But let’s not limit this style to merely enclosed spaces. Just think of the last time you walked through a rustic garden. You may have walked along a meandering pathway with cast iron gnomes guiding your way to a hidden fountain. There’s something about vintage and rustic decor that we absolutely love here at BarnLight Originals. That’s why so many of our lights can be configured to suit your rustic-loving taste.  We offer vintage and rustic barn lights that can be mounted inside or outside. We also offer a selection of finishes that are especially suitable for rustic settings (i.e. 77-Rosewood, 49-Weathered Copper, 89-Aged Brass, to name a few). Goosenecks are also particularly rustic, as are our Warehouse Shade series, as well as our Vintage Pendants and Schoolhouse Lights.  So for all of you who fancy the rustic, cheers to you and your sentimental taste!