Rustic Barn Pendant Lights

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Rustic Barn Pendant Lights | Cord-Hung or Stem-Mounted?

Our collection of Rustic Barn Pendant Lights includes rustic lighting that it either cord-hung or stem mounted. As you browse through the page for our Rustic Lights or any of our other ceiling lights, you’ll see that ceiling light names repeat twice.  This serves as a method of differentiating between a fixture that is cord-hung and one that is stem-mounted. For example, the very first ceiling light on left hand side of our Rustic Lights page is labeled “The Oxford Warehouse Shade Cord-Hung Ceiling Light.” And the second shade is called “The Oxford Warehouse Shade Stem Mount Ceiling Light.” In other words, these two shades are the same, with the only difference being a stem or cord mount, respectively. But what if you want this same shade as a flush mount? Well, that’s easy, simply navigate to “The Oxford Warehouse Shade Stem Mount Ceiling Light” page, and as you select your Mounting, choose “BLO-FSMC. (Flush Stem Mount Canopy).”  As you can see, not only do we offer a variety of rustic lighting fixtures, but we also offer a variety of choices to make rustic lighting as unique as your style! 

Now, let’s take a look at a few common questions people have when purchasing rustic light pendants:

What types of rustic lighting cords do you offer?

Barnlight Originals offers a solid variety of cords to suit the needs of your rustic light fixture of choice. There are a total of five cord options for rustic pendant lighting. We have our standard Black, White, and Gray cords as well as dual colored cloth cords: Red/White and Black/White. Standard cord lengths are either 7’ or 8’. Customers looking for shorter cords can simply cut the cord to a smaller size or have their experienced electricians do the job instead. Cutting the cord is easy and fairly safe, but always ask a professional if you do not know how to handle electrical wiring. For customers who are looking for longer cords, our drop down menu makes it simple to select a longer option. Simply select the cord color you want and input your desired additional cord length. Ordering cord-hung rustic lights has never been so easy and customized!

What types of rustic lighting stem mounts do you offer?

Sometimes our customers get a bit confused when ordering their stem-mounted fixtures. Whether you are browsing through our rustic lights or urban lights, we offer an assortment of mountings for each of our ceiling lights. It is therefore possible for a single shade to be available as a gooseneck, ceiling light, wall light and more. Just take a look at this shade: It’s called our Authentic Warehouse Shade:

In any case, once you’ve decided on your shade and you know that you want a stem mount, you can then choose your stem. We offer a ½” or ¾” diameter stem for most shades. Then choose your custom stem length. If you want a flush mount, then you’ll opt for one of our Flush Mount Canopies. Once you are done selecting your stem or flush mount canopy, then you can choose the finish. Our popular rustic finishes include copper and brass varieties, such as 77-Rosewood, 89-Aged Brass, or 49-Weathered Copper, among others. The great thing about ordering lights from us is that your entire shade is customizable!

Should I get a cord or a stem?

Another common dilemma folks have is whether to choose a cord or a stem. As a general rule of thumb:choose a stem for rustic outdoor lighting and go with either a stem or a cord for indoor lighting. Every one of our fixtures is UL listed, meaning that they have been verified and approved for use in specific environments. In this case, our cord-hung fixtures will always be used for indoor applications only, whereas our stem-mounted fixtures may be used in damp locations—or outside locations where they aren’t overtly exposed to the elements.

Now that you know a whole lot more about our rustic lighting options, which rustic pendants will you choose?