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Inspired by classic 1950’s schoolhouse lighting, our Classic™ Schoolhouse Light is perfect for mudrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and any residential or commercial space. Available in sizes ranging from 8 inches to 18 inches, this translucent beauty boasts an opal glass shade that fits well in any nook and cranny. Whether you purchase the ceiling light or gooseneck, you get to decide on your favorite finish.



Schoolhouse Pendant Light

Despites its name, the schoolhouse lighting style goes well beyond classrooms and schools. This iconic style has been spotted on the big screen, in trendy restaurants, in designer homes and more; but it can also be used in your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and wherever else fits your fancy!

The Classic Schoolhouse scenario

The main reason for the popularity of this lighting design is its versatility. There are few places in which one of these opal, hand-blown globed lights doesn't look great. Once you have taken a look at their classic, simple beauty, it’s not hard to see how a schoolhouse light fixture can be applied to any room or space.

This schoolhouse style stems from the mid-1900s when it was commonly seen in the lighting of many public buildings. The origins of the style we know as schoolhouse light fixtures can be traced to when people started adding glass coverings to bare light bulbs hanging alone from ceilings. Not only were classrooms using this useful, good-looking lighting, but courthouses, libraries and other public scenes used it too.

Later on in the century, when manufacturers and designers started replicating this look, professional interior design still wasn’t as accessible as it is today. This meant that many regular people were on their own when it came to furnishing and styling their homes. Thus, people were attracted to straightforward, easy-to-work-with designs. In terms of these qualities, the schoolhouse light pendant fit the bill perfectly. Therefore, the style found its way into the kitchens, entryways and stairwells of many homes.

The American-made schoolhouse products of Barnlight Originals  are impeccable reproductions of the style's fun and rich past. A single schoolhouse pendant light can illuminate small kitchens or other charming nooks. However, if you are trying to illuminate a larger area, such as above kitchen islands or in commercial settings, it is best to install schoolhouse pendant lights in rows.

Schoolhouse Light

Schoolhouse Pendant Lights

Here at Barnlight Originals, we want to give you what you need. That’s why we offer so many customization opportunities when it comes to your schoolhouse light fixtures. We let you choose your globe size, finish color, ceiling canopy color, and wattage.

Lighting fixture for a schoolhousePurchasing a schoolhouse pendant light? Don't forget to choose the length of your cord! The balance of our schoolhouse lights’ proportions is such that both short and long lengths of pendant cords work well with these fixtures. Similar options exist for the stem mount versions of our schoolhouse lighting as well.

BarnLight Originals Schoolhouse shade

Going the gooseneck route? Choose the color of your gooseneck arm and the specific style and length of that arm! Also available for the gooseneck schoolhouse lighting fixtures is the option to have dusk-to-dawn sensors and other accessories to go along with your light.


Purchase your own schoolhouse lights today! Bring a timeless look into your kitchen, bathroom, hallway, or other room-of-choice with the touch of tradition and nostalgia these lights bring. They will light up your spaces with modern originality, while hearkening back to a rich American past.